Support ‘Restore Our Parks Act’

I am unabashed when it comes to writing my representatives, and there are usually one or two issues per year for which I contact them. If you are new to advocacy, it is incredibly easy! To find contact information, click here for your congressman, and here for your senator.

Below is the email I sent mine asking them to support Restore Our Parks Act. Feel free to copy/edit/paste from my letter when you contact your representatives. To learn more about this act, visit National Parks Conservation Association. They explain why support is paramount to funding the $12 billion park system maintenance backlog.

“Please support the bipartisan Restore Our Parks Act. As a parent who has taken my children to 29 of the 61 National Parks, I cannot emphasize enough how exceptional these places are and how important they are to my identity as an American. They truly are our National Treasures. Sadly, the maintenance backlog for these places has become nearly overwhelming. Park staff work hard to protect and maintain aging and crumbling facilities, while millions visit. The parks need to be safe, maintained, and accessible in ways necessary to fundamentally protect visitors and that park’s primary purpose (ecological, historical, etc.).

Our park system offers so many things to both citizens of our nation, and foreign guests. Our park system offers educational opportunities to children through the Junior Ranger program. Through this program, my children have learned history, archaeology, ecology, geology, architecture, engineering and paleontology. They have also retained that knowledge because it was taught to them in some of the most beautiful places on earth. For many foreign visitors, these parks also become a window to view our nation. Are we crumbling, are we poorly maintained, are we on the precipice of decline?

I blog and advocate for our national parks, purely for love of them, not for economical gain in any way. You can read about our family’s adventures, enjoy some insight to these special places, and learn about our quest to see all 61 at What national park system sites in Texas have you had the opportunity to visit? We just returned from Big Bend National Park, it was spectacular. It is an absolute gem, and deserving of the protection and maintenance being requested.

I am happy to discuss my love for these places with you further. Please contact me if I can give you any further insight or assist in any way.”




Growing in a National Park


In the chaotic modern world, overflowing with electronic sub-natural terrain and little opportunity for peace and quiet, being surrounded by nature has become short of elusive. Our National Park System still offers that refuge. In our National Parks your heart and soul intermix with the external beauty unhindered by the complexity of the man-made existence that has become our recent stage. We are a creature whose development has slept under the stars for the millennia, and now we find ourselves blinded without the stars, bathed in an un-natural light. We need our wide open spaces, like air or water. Our selves demand them. Our children, especially, need these places to grow, explore, and develop unhindered by modernity.

Referred to as “America’s Best Idea”, these wild spaces lend room for our souls to flourish.There are 59 National Parks within the United States National Park System, and hundreds of additional Monuments, Military Parks, Historic Sites, Preserves, Memorials, Recreation Areas, Rivers, Seashores, Battlefield Parks, Lakeshores, Trails, and Parks.

This website chronicles the adventures of one family to rest from society those rare and special moments of connection between our internal selves and the natural world while visiting our Nation’s Greatest Treasures with our best gift, our children. There are no electronics here, no amusement park rides or video games. There is only a connection between us and the earth.